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American Dream Nutrition's Products

World Class, Patented, Exclusive One-of-a-kind Products Based on Science and Studies  
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Stem Cell Release Factor®

Advanced Stem Cell Nutrition When it comes to healing and anti-aging, stem cells are the hottest research front in a hundred years. The National Institutes of Health alone have provided over 1.5 BILLION dollars for research.

Stem Cell Release Factor -
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Benefits of PhytoZon® - With Over 500 ingredient specific Research and Clinical Studies, PhytoZon® was scientifically formulated to Enhance, Promote and Support countless health benefits:

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PURE-02 Oxygen

PURE-02 OXYGEN provides a potent oxygen boost to help facilitate energy production at the cellular level. Oxygenate your cells. Clinically proven to Fast-track post workout recovery.

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Super Greens, Super Fruits®

Super Greens, Super Fruits contains a unique blend of organic and natural ingredients designed to support your body's natural cellular energy levels, glucose metabolism, digestion, and a healthy cardiovascular system.

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Clear HeartTM

A Healthy Heart - Your Life Depends On It

The Ultimate Cardiovascular formula. Designed to help increase circulation, blood flow and oxygen flow throughout the body and to the organs.  Designed to help remove plaque and calcium deposits that build up in the heart and arteries.

Clear Heart -
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Get Juiced® 

Mega Daily Superfoods. High ORAC Cellular Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, Super Fruits, Berries, Enzymes, Veggies, Greens, Spirulina, Chlorella, Acidophilus, and more.

Designed after the Largest Nutritional Study - Over 800,000 people participated in a 4 year study

Get Juiced -
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PureAquaMins® (2 bottles per pack)

Purify your water, enrich your body with essential minerals. 

Fast results, drink purified healthy water and replenish your body and cells with Trace Minerals. 

Hydrate Your Cells!

Enrich Your Cells with Essential Trace Minerals!

PureAquaMins -
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Keto Fat BurnerTM


Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine!  

Burn Fat - Increase Energy!  

BURN FAT Faster Than Ever

Doctors, nutritionists, celebrities all know

the fat burning benefits of being in Ketosis! 

LOVE The Way You Feel! 

Burning fat for energy instead of carbs gives your

body 225% More ENERGY! 

Keto Fat Burner -
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Wild ConkTM 

Contains 94,000,000 biologically active Beta-glucan molecules per serving.  Wild Conk also contains Germanium - an oxygen catalyst and Powerful free radical scavengers.  

Super Immune Booster!

Plus... A POWERFUL Essential Oils Blend!

Wild Conk -
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SUPEROMEGAS transparent.png

Super OmegasTM


Doctors and Scientists agree that the human body needs the right kind and right amounts of Essential Fatty Acids daily. Super Omegas is the highest quality Omegas in the right amounts. EPA, DHA ALA, GLA, OA.

Super Omegas -
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Nu-Derma GoldTM

Amazing Results - Everyone LOVES NU-DERMA GOLD

Want to look 10 Years Younger? Nu-Derma GoldTM Anti-aging Serum delivers amazing results FAST!  Leaves your skin with a healthy radiant glow everyone loves!

Nu-Derma Gold -
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